How to choose a best fake ysl bag?

How to choose a best fake ysl bag?

Fake ysl bag how to choose, here from 3 aspects and 4 elements of detail, will be authentic and imitation contrast. You can easily decide to buy low-cost quality bags.

1, choose the fake ysl bag from China

The world’s most extensive replica bags production base is in China. Almost all authentic luxury bags have production factories in China. And these factories are skilled in the production process and technology of original bags. And China has a complete supply chain to find the same components as the authentic ones in China, whether leather materials or zipper latches.
Choose a fake ysl bag from China, enjoy the same quality simultaneously, and only need to pay a meager cost.
It is indeed an excellent idea for the current environment of rising global commodity prices.

2,Choose the fake ysl bag that is good in all aspects

4 elements of the comparison about Mouo’s fake ysl bag Niki and genuine ysl bag Niki.

#1 leather

Genuine use is wrestling oil wax cowhide, and the grain presents coarse and shallow. There is a natural and super textured pleating effect. A fake bag using the same leather is high-quality cowhide. Visually, the leather is delicate, and the pattern is correct—both gleaming. On the hand, both bags have an overall sense of softness, and thickness is almost the same.

fake ysl bag nikifake ysl bag niki

#2 hardware ring buckle

Hardware small buckle ring is very delicate bold logo brand particular font. The letters should be angular, a broad flat type. Pay special attention to the difference between “R” and “S” in “PARIS” “R” is a particular font with slightly shorter legs, where “R,” “S,” and “N” are unique fonts. Font. The luster of the hardware two bags are matte. After careful comparison, there are only slight differences between genuine and imitation, almost the same.

fake ysl bag nikifake ysl bag niki

#3 hot gold

Genuine brand LOGO, “SAINT LAURENT” in the “R” “E,” is a unique font. “E” is the shortest in the middle, the third-longest, ‘PARIS’ in the ‘S ‘ is a particular font. Note that the stamping is light gold, not silver. The two letters “NT” must be linked together. NT is linked in the topography but not in the round hardware buckle. Fake ysl bag Niki has done the same effect as the genuine product, “NT” is also connected. The “NT” is also associated. The “MADE IN ITALY” is also the same as the genuine product.

fake ysl bagsfake ysl bags

#4 Other details

The front of the Niki has a ysl label face closed, and the following twill car line is perfectly aligned. This can refer to the Chanel diamond pattern bag. Its diamond car line is also aligned. The fake ysl Niki bag is also consistent. The imitation factory is paying more and more attention to detail.

Fake ysl Niki bag’s packaging has the same environmental protection bag and card as the genuine product.

3, choose the fake YSL bag procured by

#1,Only mirror replicas are sold.

#2,Made in Guangzhou, China, is the production place of high-quality imitation bags.

#3,low price, the price of fake ysl bags is less than one-tenth of the genuine product.

#4,Usee DHL, FedEx express delivery arrived very fast most of the time.

#5,to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Here are various styles of fake ysl bag, welcome to buy.


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