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Beautiful Solferino, 1 high-quality Ysl bag evaluation

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Mouo found that in recent years, bags with logo designs have become more popular!
There are only a few bags with Logo designs that those with better tastes can accept.
There must be a YSL letter logo in it!
The harmonious and wonderful arrangement and combination of the three letters make it different from other brands’ flat and straightforward logos. It is more advanced, more obscure, and more artistic.
A single product blessed with the YSL letter logo, brand recognition, and unique personality and coolness.
In particular, bags with various YSL Logos are the classic representatives of many girls!
Almost every year, there will be a brand new YSL Logo bag available.
From Kate, College to Sunset, to Niki and Kaia in the past two years, almost every bag will have many fans when it comes out.
If you love YSL’s classic logo design, but want a more novel style that is less likely to hit the bag, then you must take a look at this brand new Saint Laurent Solferino!
The first time I saw this bag was in Saint Laurent’s 2020 fall advertising campaign.
At that time, Saint Laurent announced that Rosé in Blackpink would appear as the first Asian face of Saint Laurent!
With much anticipation, the latest bag unveiled in this group of advertisements is this Solferino!
Solferino is a square flap bag, reproduced from the style of Saint Laurent in the 70s.
It is not the kind of great bag at a glance, but it is a love type after you have seen it.
The corners of the bag have a faint luster, which is not only classic and easy to use, but also looks more advanced and temperamental as a whole!
Solferino’s name comes from “Rue de Solférino” on the left bank of Paris.
It is the street near Saint Laurent Studio, making the Solferino bag feel like a casual, free and romantic Parisian character.
Like other bags of Saint Laurent, Solferino’s design is simple, without any complicated decoration.
The most eye-catching detail is the brass YSL Logo with distressed texture on the front, which looks advanced and very flavorful. This bag gives this bag a classic retro look and a trendy sense of fashion!
Moreover, this YSL Logo is not only a decoration but also a rotating buckle that opens Solferino!
You only need to gently turn the lower edge of the letter L to unlock the cover. The whole process is as excellent as operating a mysterious mechanism. The way to open the bag is exciting and unique!
Various Saint Laurent bags in the past mainly were cool rock and roll locomotive styles, and the upper body was more chic and cool.
But Solferino is different, with a unique retro taste, and at the same time, a confident and elegant temperament.
This unique temperament comes from Solferino’s relatively stiff but not too fierce body. And different from the general flap bag, its edge has a unique crochet stitching design, which outlines the outline of the pack. While being retro and elegant, it also has a touch of modernity.
It distinguishes it from other similar clamshell bags at once!