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The Prada Galleria Killer Pack strong return

fake prada bag

Fake prada bag Galleria is back.

Recently, another bag, suddenly all the stars began to carry it!There is a stance of killing the Quartet and turning red again!!
Yes, it is Prada Galleria. It also has a name; you may be more familiar with it, that is-killer bag!I have to say, how many girls’ dream bags used to be this bag back then!
Seeing this capable bag and the highly recognizable triangle logo on a large scale again, does it feel like seeing old friends again?

fake prada bag

As one of Prada’s most recognizable bags, I believe everyone is already familiar with Prada Galleria. This bag was born in 2007 and had a history of 14 years!
Mouoshop has always said that if a bag can exist in the ever-changing bag world for more than ten years and is still popular now, it is enough to prove its super strength!
The iconic trapezoidal body of Prada Galleria’s bag is inspired by the classic bag frame of the last century. It also restores the shape of a medical bag. It gives an impression of elegance, grandeur, and particularly neatness.

fake prada bag

Its name also has a great background. Prada Galleria gets its name from the famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II (Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II) in Milan. Since 1913, Prada’s first store in Milan has been located here. Naming this bag after this important location shows how much the brand attaches to it.

But everyone is more familiar with the name “killer bag”!
In “Mission Impossible 4,” released in 2011, the female killer played by Léa Seydoux carries this bag to perform a mission. This bag has a beautiful and cold image, and the name of the “killer bag” has since been called.

fake prada bag

With the nickname Prada Galleria, it has become even more out of the circle! Especially its design itself is very simple, and the upper body is very well matched.
Coupled with double handles and long shoulder straps, it is ultimately the favorite look of girls who love bags! All of a sudden, the girls’ desire for this bag became highly high!

fake prada bag

This time the stars began to put on Prada Galleria again, which was quite surprising and pleasant.Can the killer bag in the cabinet return to the pinnacle of fashion? Mouoshop also has this question.
So this time, Mouoshop specially brought out fake Prada bag Galleria again to give everyone a good evaluation from all aspects. Let us take a look at the practicality and fashion life of this bag; how is it?
Of course, you can find the corresponding fake Prada bag in Mouoshop in the pictures below.

1. Design

Prada Galleria’s design is a very pleasing, simple, and clean, trapezoidal shape so that it is full of classic looks and at the same time durable enough.
Especially wearing a light-colored suit back, it looks cool and cold. Low-key and gentle, very suitable for daily commuting about.
The Prada inverted triangle logo on the bag is its only decoration.This logo uses the same leather and color as the body of the bag, which has brand recognition and is not too conspicuous.

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The leather of Prada Galleria is the familiar Saffiano leather, created by Mario Prada, the founder of Prada.
The overall Saffiano leather is relatively complex. With a fine and delicate cross texture, it will be more durable. It also has good water resistance and scratch resistance.
In general, it is high-end and durable!

fake prada bag


Since its launch, the Prada Galleria family has continued to grow, with various sizes and variants introduced almost every year. However, the most familiar and favorite size is the medium size of Prada Galleria.
Compared with other sizes, the medium size is easier to use and has more temperament. It does not give people a feeling of overpowering. It looks just right, generous, and decent.
But the mini size can be used not only in regular times but also very suitable as a commuter bag. The size is just right, the handle and shoulder straps are complete, and the boxy design makes it easy to put paper documents.
The size and the capacity are also very sufficient! In addition to some small things that you use every day, you can also put down iPhone, umbrellas, bottled water, these more important things.

fake prada bag
At the same time, in addition to the most central main pocket, the bag also has two zipper compartments on each side, and there are hidden zipper pockets inside. The distribution of the three parallel compartments is very reasonable so that things are stored in separate areas, safe and organized.


This time I also deliberately helped everyone test the weight of the killer bag!Because of the solid metal parts and leather, the medium killer bag still has some weight. It weighs about 900 grams, which is about less than two bottles of water.
However, this weight is relatively light in the medium-sized all-leather bag, and it is not the type that crushes people on the back.
From the above aspects, Prada Galleria is indeed efficient. Although it is not the latest model, it is also the one that is safe and easy to use in the cabinet!
If you already have this bag, you can take it out recently!

fake prada bag


(1)Nude pink

For example, Prada Galleria’s most signature nude pink is the most popular color among girls back then!
The pink of Prada Galleria is soft and soft, not too matte. The color is relatively nude, beautiful, and low-key.

You can choose this fake prada bag in mouoshop.

fake prada bag

(2)Black gold

If you want a Prada Galleria with the most “killer bag,” then the classic black gold is definitely for you!
It is the most versatile, daily, and error-free choice, and it is also the first choice for most people’s commuter bags.This classic and low-key color makes people feel safe and reliable no matter where they go!
Not only can it be low-key, but black is also the most solemn color, and it also has some coolness. Even if it is a simple white shirt and black skirt collocation, this bag is full of aura and can be suppressed entirely!

You can choose this fake prada bag in mouoshop.

fake prada bag


Unlike the black atmosphere, the white killer bag has a relaxed and distant sense of luxury. The upper body is very temperamental!
It just so happens that summer is coming; this fresh and clean color is very suitable for the daily dress!
It looks comfortable and eye-catching, and it is a little fairy-like.

You can choose this fake prada bag in mouoshop.fake prada bag


If you like more distinctive colors, the blue killer bag is also perfect!
The killer bag has two different shades of blue, deep purple-blue and interstellar blue, corresponding to the two most popular denim blues.
Blue is refreshing and refreshing. It is not only the most fashionable color of the moment but also a young and harsh feel.
Especially with denim of the same color, it is a different kind of chic and fashionable feeling.

You can choose this fake prada bag in mouoshop.

fake prada bag

Have you bought a killer bag? Which color do you like best?

Which fake Prada bags still want to buy? Welcome everyone to leave a message in the comment area!


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