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One bag = own Fendi’s personal custom “artwork”

fake fendi bag peekaboo

Fake fendi bag peekaboo new evaluation.

Art often plays a vital role in people’s lives and provides busy urbanites with infinite reveries of beauty. The sculptures passing by on the way to work, the paintings in the office, and the home’s design in the house are all artistic expressions.
Similarly, art also provides a steady stream of inspiration for countless fashion designers. For example, Fendi, a veteran fashion house, often draws inspiration from art.

fake fendi bag peekaboo

fake fendi bag peekaboo arrival.

The new Fendi Peekaboo ISeeU bag that Mouoshop brought “home” this time is like adding an artistic touch to daily life, like a private custom “artwork.”
Fendi also filmed a new blockbuster specifically for it, performed by the new generation of actor Zoey Deutch.

fake fendi bag Peekaboo ISeeU

fake fendi bag peekaboo arrival.

Zoey Deutch starred in the Netflix hit “Politician,” “Zombieland 2: Double Click”, and the independent film “Suddenly Seven Days.” I still remember her role as Infiniti in the “Politician” pretending to be “cancer” speech, acting skills Excellent~
On the set, she will also dance to the music like an ordinary girl; in the classic car, she, with a checkered hairpin and high heels, shows the retro and relaxed American girl.

fake fendi bag Peekaboo ISeeU

“Fashion, mystery, classic” is her summary of the Peekaboo ISeeU that appeared together. Such a ghost girl is also very thoughtful in the choice of bags. Innovation and art are her top picks, so FENDI 2020-21 autumn and winter series As soon as the new Peekaboo handbag appeared, it attracted her attention.

Now Mouoshop will evaluate the fake Fendi bag peekaboo.

1. Design

Continuing the classic design of Peekaboo, with a stiff appearance and a “smile-like” soft half-opening, there is more fun than the atmosphere, but A is soft. Although classic, the innovation of this season is the focus of attention.
Peekaboo ISeeU must be the first choice for urban women. The new line is more neat and smooth. It also uses an organ shape, which is more three-dimensional and has a larger capacity. It is easy to bring a file or a laptop.

2. Inner pocket

Peekaboo ISeeU also has a small trick: The bag cannot change every day, but the inner bag is OK! Different shapes are matched with other inner bags, nowadays popular animal patterns, simple solid color models. You can find one that fits you.
Otherwise, who doesn’t want a unique bag? The Peekaboo ISeeU inner bag can be customized with initials, making the bag your exclusive.

3. Craft

The quality of this fake Fendi bag is still a highlight. The use of high-grade materials and craftsmanship with leather, smooth leather surface, and wiring is Mouo’s heart for customers.

4. color

In addition to the white on my hand, my favorite color of the new Peekaboo ISeeU is also military green and gray. It is versatile and highly integrated, making it easy to hold on various occasions.
White is elegant and quiet, echoing with metal earrings, belts, and metal buckles of Peekaboo ISeeU.

fake fendi bag Peekaboo ISeeU whitefake fendi bag peekaboo white
The military green aura is more robust and more stable. Shirts, leather skirts, and windbreaker jacket upper body let’s ride the waves in the workplace in the coming autumn.

fake fendi bag Peekaboo ISeeU greenfake fendi bag peekaboo green
The black gray is not as heavy as black nor as eye-catching as white. Still, it has the same introverted and gentle texture, which can better set off the professionalism and stability of women in the workplace, and is suitable for various business occasions.

fake fendi bag Peekaboo ISeeU black fake fendi bag peekaboo black

There are more color options. Zoey’s beige in the blockbuster is also advanced and versatile.

fake fendi bag Peekaboo ISeeU beige

fake fendi bag peekaboo beign

If you have a favorite fendi bag, send us a message or whatsapp, Mouo can help you find all kinds of fake fendi bags. You can buy them at a very cheap price.

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