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Top 5 options for the New underarm bag

Fake designer bags new underarm for you.

With the popularity of the retro style, the underarm bag has become hot. At first, Mouoshop thought individual brands’ underarm bags might be a fad that would pass in a year or two at most. But this trend has been blowing up to now, and it is still powerful!
Brands are still rolling out vintage, good-looking underarm bags. Some girls who could not accept the underarm bag at first began to understand its beauty. Compared to the Fendi Baguette, Dior Saddle, Louis Vuitton Dauphine, and By Far Rachel of the last two years, the world of underarm bags has more new options.
Today this article, gives you a comprehensive summary, the most worthy of the armpit package! You can find these fake designer bags in Mouoshop. Please take a look at them!

First,Gucci underarm

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(1) Jackie 1961 is definitely one of the most popular armpit bags of Gucci. I believe you are also familiar with it. As a classic reprint bag, Jackie’s retro Hobo shape, delicate body, and metal claps give it a classic, understated and recognizable look.
Thanks to its retro design, the bag doesn’t really pick out people or clothes. Pair this bag with a simple outfit for a retro-chic look.
fake gucci bag 1961
While it is stylish, it is practical enough. It comes with an extra-long shoulder strap, so you can carry more than one bag without any problem. And with the shoulder strap, the upper body can be sweet, boys and girls can back beautiful! This Fake Gucci Bag Jackie 1961 from Mouoshop is of excellent quality.
(2) Horsebit 1955, which is hugely popular, is another Gucci underarm bag. Not only the perfect interpretation of Gucci’s literary retro wind, in the classic elements, capacity, and functional performance are also excellent.
The classic size 1955 strap length can be adjusted. Shorten the upper back just above the waist, making it more comfortable and accessible than many underarm bags. Back to the upper body with a calm, retro tone, good match, and show temperament! The Fake Gucci Bag  Horsebit 1955 selected by Mouo is a good choice.
Fake Designer Bags new underarm for you
(3) In addition to the two most recognizable “celebrity” models, the Ophidia mini bag has been a hit lately. It may not look big, but it combines three of Gucci’s most iconic elements: the double G logo, the GG Supreme canvas pattern, and the red and green stripes. While the appearance is full of classic looks, it also gives this bag a long fashion life. Basically, it never goes out of fashion.
fake gucci bag
The small crescent covers the back and upper body, especially with sunshine and artistic taste in the 1990s. Like a bag with all the classic elements of Gucci, it is not only the most popular bag type at the moment but also can hold a mobile phone in its capacity. It is worth buying! For a mini underarm bag, Mouo’s Fake Gucci Bag Ophidia is a good choice.

Two,Celine underarm

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In the past two years, Celine has become a “hot style underarm bag manufacturing machine”! Launched a few armpit bags, almost all heat ultra-high! And they all look good.
Walking in the street recently, I can already see many fashionable girls carrying Celine underarm bags.
(1) Triomphe’s latest underarm bag has been a hit even before its official launch. It has become an instant hit with a lot of girls! Once on the market, it ran out of stock and led the entire Triomphe range.
Mouoshop also got his hands on the bag and thought it was really well designed in every way! The Triomphe underarm bag is slimmer than the classic and thinner, with thinner straps, making it feel lighter and smaller. Coupled with delicate leather and a golden triumphant door latch, it not only looks exceptionally soft but also has a more retro flavor.
fake celine bag triomphe
For an underarm bag, the shoulder straps are just the right length. Adjustable three sizes, the actual height of the girls is very suitable for the underarm back position. Plus bag body light and thin, back and upper body is very comfortable, no sense of burden. Carry on the back casually is the focus of a suit, modern take feeling again.
(2) Ava is Celine’s second most popular underarm bag. AVA is a unique half-moon pea package with round lines, like a curved crescent moon, which looks very attractive. AVA’s most classic style is the Celine Triumphal Arch logo printed canvas. It has to be said that Celine’s iconic Arc de Triomphe logo has now fully regained its footing in the fashion industry!
fake celine bag ava
The distinctive presbyopia makes AVA retro and slightly cool on the street, matching casual and handsome styles. Of course, Ava now has more options than just classic canvas and preppy combinations. Leather, soft or street-style, and the upcoming mini sizes are worth a look.

Three,YSL underarm

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Saint Laurent recently released its new underarm bag, Le 5 A 7. At that time, mouo thought the name was exceptional, so mouo looked it up. The inspiration for the bag should have come from the 1962 cult film Cleo From 5 to 7. It tells how Cleo, the main character, gradually reveals her independent female side between 5 and 7 o ‘clock after work and when she returns home.
fake ysl bag
Perhaps that’s why the silhouette of the Le 5 A 7 bag is more three-dimensional than other underarm bags, giving it A retro, bright and grand look. Tie in again on classic YSL package buckle; it is YSL consistent, thoroughly modern, relaxed, independent style.
And this bag, it’s not a mini Underarm bag. So the upper back is the more prominent gas field, very suitable for a cool girl with personality.

Four,Prada underarm

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Prada has also been firm in underarm bags!
(1) For example, Cleo, a new bag launched at the end of last year, can be said to be Prada’s hottest bag now. From the launch to now, attention has not been reduced. It is also a rare three-dimensional asymmetry design in many underarm bags. Coupled with a slightly larger package body, with a very unique sense of minimalist future. There may have been some people who thought this bag was pretty, but it was a little too big.
fake prada bag
(2) Just right, now Cleo is straight out with the mini size! Mini Cleo still maintains its unique three-dimensional shape. The bag body is shrunk a lot and looks like a small blessing bag. It is fantastic and cute at the same time.
However, Mouo tried it out despite its small size, and it actually fits an iPhone Pro size phone. This bag is good enough for girls who love fashion, but it also holds a cell phone, which is a bonus!
fake prada bag
(3) But when it comes to underarm bags, Prada’s most classic Hobo is actually a mainstream style. It can even be said that the agitation of this underarm bag now, the earliest, also comes from it. Today’s Prada Hobo is not limited to nylon material, there are more and more specialized materials and designs。

Five,Louis Vuitton underarm

—Select one of the Fake Designer Bags
(1) When it comes to Louis Vuitton underarm bags, which one comes to mind first? The most classic and recognizable Accessories are, of course, Pochette Accessories. The dark brown Monogram body with delicate light brown leather straps makes this bag simple and full of charm. Even Louis Vuitton’s most popular five-in-one collection of the past few days was based on this bag. However, this bag is tough to buy these days. Even vintage is popular!
(2) The brand-new Coussin, in my opinion, can be regarded as the representative of the new generation of Louis Vuitton’s underarm bags and also belongs to the unique and advanced style of underarm bags. Its appearance design is minimal; the square package body is a three-layer structure, full of three-dimensional geometry sense!  A combination of body embossed Monogram and thick metal chains that are both classic and stylish.
fake louis bag

That’s all for today. One breath to tell you so much! Which underarm bag do you prefer after reading this article? Or is there another fake designer bags you’d most like to own recently? Can you tell me in the message below!


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