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The best complete bag classification guide-21 bag types

fake designer bags for sale

Best fake designer bags classification guide-Mouoshop make.

Beautiful girls, it is estimated that more or less bought a lot of bags. But do you know what kind of bags you believe in the bag world?
When you want to buy a big bag that fits well, do you know how to describe this kind of bag when you go shopping? What are the characteristics of different types of loads? Which is the most popular recently?

fake designer bag gucci bag
fake designer bags gucci bag

Today Mouoshop decided to summarize a super powerful package book for everyone!
You can also take a look at what types of bags you have in your locker.
If you also find this helpful content, you can forward it to your sisters and collect it together!
Mouoshop discovered in the process of sorting out that the types of standard bags nowadays are much more than before. Like transformers, they have different backing methods or functions, so some bag types are not distinguished. Many styles are becoming more and more practical.
The 21 categories listed today are mainly packages that are relatively common nowadays. For example, with these fake designer bags, you can find their links in Mouoshop, you can buy them at a meager price.

fake designer bag
fake designer bags  categories listed

How! After reading it, do you think these packages look more intuitive?
I found that different bag types also have their fashion trends. Therefore, some bags will also come back and become popular again because of the changes in fashion trends!

fake Prada bag hobo
fake Prada bag hobo

Today, I will take you to take a look at the most popular bag types recently. See if your bag is not on the list!

fake fendi bag
fake fendi bag

Hobo bag

I have to say that the Hobo bag is boiling again in the past two years!
Every time I mentioned Hobo, it felt like a bag my mother was carrying. So many people even rejected it.
But with the resurgence of the retro style, many classic Hobos were re-enacted again and returned to everyone’s sight. So Hobo suddenly became the “sweet and sweet” in the bag!

fake prada bag cleo
fake prada bag cleo

In addition, there is a fun little story about this package type.
Hobo, literally translated into Chinese, actually means homeless people. In the past, they would wrap their belongings in cloth and tie them to long sticks to carry them with them.
The crescent bag shape that was formed casually like this later became the source of inspiration for the design of the Hobo bag.

fake gucci bag 1961
fake gucci bag Jackie

Looking back to the Hobo bag, now, when it comes to Hobo Bag, the most usual style should be Gucci Jackie.
Many people also define it as the first Hobo Bag in the fashion industry.
This bag was born as early as the 1950s, but its earliest name was not Jackie, but Fifties Constance.

fake gucci bag jackie 1961
fake gucci bag jackie 1961

Although Gucci changed many designers, Jackie continues to appear in Gucci’s design with a new look and has always had her figure in the bag industry.
The recently super famous Celine Ava is a Hobo bag.

fake CELINE bag ava
fake CELINE bag ava

But the size of Ava is smaller and more exquisite than other Hobos, so that Ava can be regarded as a Hobo underarm bag.


When it comes to Baguette, I believe many people will immediately think of the baguette-Fendi Baguette!
The slender square bag is clamped under the arm, and it looks like a Frenchman is holding a baguette.

fake fendi bag Baguette
fake fendi bag Baguette

However, with the increasing popularity of underarm bags in recent years, Baguette has developed into a bag type.
No longer refer to the Fendi bag; more often, it can refer to all the small and slender bags clipped under the armpits!
The last time the Baguette bag went viral was in the 90s.
In the past two years, the presence of this bag in the fashion circle has also increased.
Because it is so popular, many brands have also made their classic bags into Baguette bags!

fake fendi bag Baguette
fake designer bags Baguette


The next bag type is the bucket bag. The name of the bucket bag is very vivid, and it looks like a small bucket.

fake louis bag bucket
fake louis bag bucket

Most of this bag has a more rigid bottom, and the opening is a drawstring design. The three-dimensional body makes its capacity relatively excellent.
Because the bucket bag has a gentle and concise feel, and its practicality is also good, it has been loved by many girls.
And many brands have been pushing, especially in the past two years, the choice of bucket bags has become more and more abundant!

fake louis bag bucket
fake designer bags bucket

It is said that the first brand of the bucket bag is Louis Vuitton. At that time, the founder specially designed a bag to hold five bottles of champagne at the same time.
Later, in 1959, this bag came out as a daily bag, it was Louis Vuitton NOÉ, and it was welcomed by everyone as soon as it went on the market. Until now, this bag is still on sale as an evergreen brand of the brand.
In addition, Louis Vuitton also launched several NOÉ derivatives. Like NÉONOÉ, NOÉ Purse and Nano NOÉ, the designs are pretty and fashionable, or everyday practice, which is trendy styles.
In addition, Chanel has also launched many bucket bag designs in the past few seasons, which attracts many girls like this small bucket. The mini body is bulging and fat, with a sense of cuteness.

fake chanel bag bucket
fake chanel bag bucket

Coupled with exquisite hardware accessories, it instantly emerges from a crowd of bucket bags, and it has its style.

Phone Pouch 

In the last one or two years, a new bag type has begun to enter everyone’s attention, and that is-mobile phone bag.
The most prominent feature of a mobile phone bag is that, just like its name, the bag fits the phone.
And most of the mobile phone bags are designed in a vertical version, with a touch of the feel of a men’s bag, and the upper body has a sense of youth.

fake louis bag phone
fake louis bag phone

Especially in the past two years, almost everyone has been using a mobile phone. So many people don’t even bring wallets and cardholders to go out.
Therefore, a mobile phone bag design like this will be beautiful to young people. Moreover, it is fashionable and easy to use, and the price is not too high.
The vertical version of Celine Cabas Mini is a kind of mobile phone bag, and it is popular recently.

fake celine bag phone
fake designer bags celine bag

The little one looks quite cute. It is easy and convenient to carry on every day, especially in summer, giving people light and unburdened feelings.
In addition, the Gucci 1955 mobile phone bag is also a pretty good choice.This bag is a circle more significant than the standard mobile phone bag. In addition to holding the iPhone 12 Pro Max, there is some surplus space for small things.
The whole is more like a functionally complete bag. Not only can girls carry it, but boys’ backs are also beautiful.

Vanity Case

What does Vanity Case look like? It’s a literal translation-the look of a cosmetic bag!
The most exciting thing is that the big names seem to have negotiated in the past two years, and everyone is coming out.

fake louis bag
fake designer bags louis bag

For a time, the design of various Vanity Cases became particularly popular.
In the past few years, the cosmetic bags launched by these big brands are cosmetic bags specially used by ladies or Bai Fumei to put cosmetics.
Just being there gives people a delicate and advanced feeling.
But today’s cosmetic bags have become a design that can be carried on the shoulder.
Compared with the general square bag, such an exquisite and compact cosmetic bag is retro, elegant, and temperamental.
The three-dimensional bag shape, the internal space is also very complete, easy to install. It is also a bag with good looks and practicality, so it is no wonder that it is so popular!


There is also a bag type, and the big names are also out by appointment. That is the saddlebag!
The saddlebag we are talking about today is not yet a Dior Saddle.

fake designer bags saddlebag
fake designer bags saddlebag

It is a clamshell bag with a curved body and a smooth and straightforward outline. It is named because it is shaped like a small bag hanging on a saddle.
Saddlebags generally have a buckle design, but some styles have recently been modified into snaps to make them more comfortable to use.
Bags like Saddle are generally easy-to-use and easy-to-carry shoulder bags and cross-body bags.
But it has more personality than ordinary messenger bags.
And the saddlebags recently launched are not too big. This kind of bag has not been considered an exceptionally mainstream style. Still, it is a style that many girls who are looking for taste will mainly like. What do you think?

Okay, that’s all for today’s sharing! Seeing so many different kinds of bags in one breath, isn’t it super cool?Mouo provides customers with various types of fake designer bags.
Which type of fake designer bag do you like most in daily life? What other kinds of bags are you also very good at planting? Please let me know in the comments below!


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