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6 very popular summer bags recommended

fake designer bags

6 very popular summer fake desginer bags recommended

Summer is here, and new bags of major brands are also coming out one after another! This year there are many good-looking new packages, and the wish list is not expanding much!
Today, Mouoshop would like to recommend several bags that are very popular recently. Almost all of them are very favorite styles selected by Mouoshop! Moreover, the bags to be introduced today have fake designer bags in Mouoshop.
Come and see, which one do you like best~~


Celine‘s Triomphe element has been quietly popular since last year. Mouo have introduced it to you many times in the article. Today, what mouo want to talk about in particular is Celine’s new white Triomphe old flower!
The color is retro and elegant, right in the arms of young girls, and the bags are all very friendly.
The one mouo recommend is one of the most popular bags in the white presbyopia series-Ava.
The temperament of the new white Ava and the old black flower look completely different!
The light color and the crescent shape of the body have faded the coolness of the street feeling and become more gentle and pleasant. .
Especially in summer, it has a fresh and artistic accent!
Another Celine bag that mouo think is more practical is the familiar Triomphe Mini Cabas.
fake celine bag Triomphe Mini Cabas
Replaced with new white presbyopia, it makes people feel bright!
The bag looks more well-behaved and cute, and it is also straightforward to control when wearing it. It is especially suitable for matching the popular casual street style now!
If you like to be more distinctive, you can look at the relatively small Patapans, which is not easy to hit the bag on your back.
Triomphe presbyopic camera bag + shiny golden chain, the overall style is retro and modern, with a challenging and chic feeling on the back.
fake celine bag Triomphe Mini Cabas
And I found that this bag is also convenient for daily use, and there are no restrictions on wearing it.
In addition, the price is relatively reasonable, and that it is a bag that performs well in all aspects!

2.Louis Vuitton

The last time I asked you what bag you want to buy, many fans left a message saying that they wanted a new Papillon Trunk from Louis Vuitton.
This bag is in the same line as the Papillon design that the brand has launched for a long time and retains the most iconic cylindrical body.
However, the body of the Papillon Trunk is stiffer and has a more sense of design!
There are golden locks and rivets and leather edging, which looks like a cylindrical Louis Vuitton small hard case.
fake louis vuitton Papillon Trunk
It’s very delicate and stylish but also has a little retro and modern flavor!
This bag also comes with two different shoulder strap designs: in addition to the presbyopia wide shoulder strap, it also comes with a thin golden chain.
You can use metal chains to decorate and cross-body shoulder straps, which have a street-fashion feel. You can also take off the shoulder strap and carry it in one bag!
In addition to the classic Monogram model, Papillon Trunk also has a solid Epi leather model to choose from, and the style looks cooler.
Recently, another new Louis Vuitton bag that everyone highly desires is this Utility Phone Pocket.
It is a prevalent vertical version of the small bag with a partition zipper design. It is also convenient and easy to wear!
fake louis bag

3.Saint Laurent

Le 5 À 7 is the latest underarm bag launched by Saint Laurent, and it has gradually become popular recently!
The design of this bag is straightforward and beautiful, and the stiff silhouette of the bag reveals the usual coolness of Saint Laurent.
With the iconic YSL logo on the front of the bag, you can immediately recognize it as a Saint Laurent bag at first glance, which is highly recognizable.
The YSL  bag is usually a more classic design in the brand, so there is no need to worry about carrying it for a while, and it will look outdated.
It is worth mentioning that this bag is larger than the everyday underarm bag.
Whether it is carried in hand or under the armpit, there is a strong sense of presence, and the upper body is the more casual and chic aura of a cool girl!
At the same time, its capacity is more abundant.
You can put a large-size mobile phone. You can also install a more extensive power bank, air cushion powder, etc. when needed. The practicality will be relatively better!
fake ysl bag
Well, the six bags that have been popular recently are here today!
After seeing so many bags, is there anyone that happens to be your favorite? Do you have any fake designer bags you want to start with recently? Just leave a comment at the bottom and let me know!

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