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How Are Fake Cheap Designer Bags Made? | Mouoshop

In the early generations of fake cheap designer bags, people can easily tell the fake bag from a real one by contrasting the hardware, the lining, the leather or the pattern. 

But things get more complicated now. You must have noticed that these days fake bags are harder to spot and they look just like the real ones. It is no exaggeration to say that for some 1:1 high-quality fake bags, almost few people can tell the difference between them in addition to the manufacturer, seller or counter staff.

Take the following fake Gucci Dionysus shoulder bag from Mouo as an example. Do they look hard to tell apart?

Nowadays the manufacturers pay great energy and mind on the material and workmanship. Fake designer bags are getting harder and harder to spot. Given this, more and more people tend to buy a replica luxury bag at a cheap price. With large sales, manufacturers try their best to duplicate luxury bags. In this way, the fake bag industry grows vigorously and develops the cycle.

Under these circumstances, many famous brand bags of the latest fashion can be duplicated during the season. Now you must be wondering how these fake cheap designer bags are made, where they will be distributed and how they get to your door. 

I’m sure few practitioners involved would like to tell you about this. After reading this article, you may feel surprised and have new different ideas about fake cheap designer bags.

1. How are fake cheap designer bags made?

First of all, fake bag manufacturers usually only choose one or two brands to duplicate, such as Coach. Because Coach releases a lot of new products every season, it is enough for them.

The first step, of course, is to buy a genuine bag from the brand counter for analysis. Material, size, hardware, lining, craftsmanship, pattern, logo, there are so many factors that should be taken into account.  While for the 1:1 bags or those mirror replica bags, in addition to these details, they also duplicate the angles of particular parts, the number of needle holes and the strength and the thickness of the thread.

The next step is to find all used materials and accessories. It is quite an important part to make the fake bags look real. Manufacturers will try their best to find the origin of the materials. For example, the metal chain on the bag may be found in Japan; the straps may be found in a factory in Europe; the leather may be from Italy’s origin suppliers. The following leather for YSL bag below is ordered abroad.

After all the necessary materials are prepared, the factory will design the paper grid and mark the dimensions of all parts of the bag by contrasting the genuine bag. According to the paper grid, the factory will cut the whole fabric to the appropriate size. Then there are some mechanical operations and hand stitching. 

For the high-quality 1:1 bags, the loss of material is extremely large, between 40% to 50%. This is a part of the reason why prices of high-end replica bags are between 10% and 20%. In spite of this, the price is still friendly compared with the real bags.

In addition, the production process of the bag is as much as possible identical to the genuine bags. And these fake designer bags will have a very exquisite packaging, a dustproof bag, and even an ID card, giving customers the most authentic shopping experience.

2. Where will these fake cheap designer bags be distributed?

Then how do these bags get to your door? 

Some of them will be taken to those leather market boutiques, and some will be provided to the procurement servicer. (Speaking of this, I think It could be quite immoral and illegal for some procurement servicers who claim these fake bags are real.) And some fake bags will be provided to some online platforms like Alibaba, DHgate and online stores like Mouo.

3. Fake designer bags on Mouoshop

Fake designer bags in Mouoshop come from factories in Guangzhou. Guangzhou is the concentration for replicas of luxury goods, especially for fake designer bags. Find more information in my article Buy Replica Luxury Bags from The Largest Fake Market in China.

I once personally went to many factories in Guangzhou to observe their process of making bags, and selected the best ones to cooperate with. They can provide the best fake bags I want. These bags are almost the same as real ones and they pay so much attention to details that ordinary people can’t recognize them.

Mouo hopes that no one will be bothered by the price of luxury bags and will be able to buy a high-quality fake bag for 10% of the price of the real. This is the original aspiration of Mouo, and we will always make efforts to this end. 

Please feel free to shop at Mouo, we will cover the shipping costs for you even if you only buy one. Mouo also promises that if there is any quality problem, we will refund to you with no reason.

Finally, please follow Mouo’s newsletters, we will constantly release posts and bring you the latest fashion bag information.


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