Exclusive Review on Fake YSL Bag Manhattan Nano

Exclusive Review on Fake YSL Bag Manhattan Nano

Exclusive Review on Fake YSL Bag Manhattan Nano

Are you looking to add a bag to your Wardrobe or considering getting your cheap ysl bag?
Whether you’re already an ardent lover of YSL bags like me or just about to join the YSL family, I know just the right bag for you.
I’ve owned the fake ysl bag Manhattan Nano for almost a year now, and although I’ve added two more fake YSL bags to my collection, it remains my favorite.
So I’ll be giving a detailed review of the fake ysl Manhattan Nano in this article. I’ll be highlighting the key features, pros, and of course, the cons too.
By the end of this article, you’ll know just what to expect if you decide to get the Fake YSL Nano Manhattan bag.


The Fake YSL bag Manhattan Nano bag will be a great addition to your many bags.
Oh, you’re curious? You’ll see why shortly.

Features of Fake YSL Bag Manhattan Nano

  • 100 calfskin leather
  • Bronze-toned metal hardware
  • Magnetic clip buckle compression closure
  • Gross grain lining
  • One main compartment and one flat pocket
  • Five metal feet
  • Dimensions: 21 x 16 x 9 cm
  • Handle drop: 7cm
  • Strap drop: 55.5cm

Pros of Fake YSL Bag Manhattan Nano

How is the Fake ysl bag Manhattan Nano different from the genuine YSL Nano bag? No, it’s not a bit different.
Maybe or maybe not, you’ll get to decide for yourself by the end of this article. As for me, I believe it’s worth the hype, and you’ll understand why as you keep reading.

1. Premium Quality Leather

The Manhattan Nano is made with excellent quality, 100% calfskin leather. It is very smooth and has a soft feel.
Because of its smoothness and softness, many people feared it might be prone to scratches, but the bag has proven itself.
Considering how much we pay for the bag, we shouldn’t expect anything less from a top designer brand like YSL.

2. Minimalistic Everyday Design

If you’re looking for a classy yet simple bag that can be worn everywhere, every time, and won’t go out of fashion, then YSL Manhattan Nano is an excellent option.
It has a classy yet minimalistic design. Unlike most Saint Laurent bags that carry the iconic YSL symbol, the Manhattan Nano omits the YSL symbol.
It has “Saint Laurent” embossed on the bronze metal hardware in small block letters that are not immediately visible.
Only someone standing close to you will know you’re carrying a Saint Lauren. Talk about a YSL that doesn’t look like a YSL.
It’s an excellent bag for those days when you want to wear a designer bag without attracting any attention.

3. Versatile Styling Options

One thing I love about this YSL bag is that it gives you good styling options.
Thanks to its top handles and detachable and adjustable strap, the bag can be worn several ways.
It can be worn as a classy top handle bag, or you can attach the strap and wear it as a shoulder or crossbody bag, depending on your preference.
The strap is also adjustable, so you can constantly adjust it to the best length.

4. Good Fit

Every girl wants a bag that can comfortably hold her everyday essentials. Thankfully, the YSL Manhattan Nano bag did not fall short of that expectation.
The bag has a good fit. It can comfortably hold essentials like a wallet, tissue, hand cream, mini perfume, lip gloss, keys, sanitizer, and your phone.
The magnetic buckle closure can also be unclipped to create more room, but this will mean compromising further on closure. I’ll talk about that more in the cons.

5. Bag Feet for Added Durability

Right under the bag, there are five studs more like bag feet. This is a tremendous and thoughtful inclusion to the design by Saint Laurent.
It ensures that your bag does not directly contact the floor, table, or any compromising surface.
This helps prevent scratches from friction at the base of the bag and increases durability. I believe it’s a feature every designer bag should have.

Cons of Fake YSL Bag Manhattan Nano

Although they’re not deal-breakers, the bag would have been the perfect everyday bag if I could tweak these features.

1. Incomplete Closure

YSL Manhattan Nano bag does not have the usual zipper, clip, or flap closure. It features a unique magnetic buckle compression closure.
And while this makes the bag unique, it also poses a problem – the bag can never be completely closed.
Even when the buckle is fastened, the bag still has enough space for your hand to go in.
While this is not an issue when you’re wearing the bag as a top handle bag, it can be a problem if you decide to wear it as a shoulder bag.
You’ll have to be very careful to avoid falling prey to pickpockets and petty thieves. I’m not a fan of unbuckling the magnetic closure for additional space.

2. Not-So-Easy-To-Use Strap

The strap of this bag is not the usual metal clasp attachment strap.
The YSL Manhattan bag strap has to be passed through the leather inside the bag, which can be a hassle when you hurry.
Adjusting the strap is also not very easy.


Q:Is the YSL Manhattan Nano bag Color Transferring?
The interior of the Nano Manhattan has a gross grain lining, so your accessories are not in direct contact with the leather.
So far, I haven’t observed any color transfer both on the outside and inside the bag.
Q:How Many Color Variations Does the fake ysl Nano Manhattan Have?
This bag is available in a limited range of color variants. It is currently available in black, white, brick, beige & natural beige, and black & beige variants.
Q:How Much Does the fake ysl bag Manhattan Nano Cost?
The genuine YSL Nano Manhattan is sold for $2,250 on the YSL online store. It’s only $289 on our website Mouobuy.com.



Is the fake ysl bag Manhattan Nano worth the hype? I’m sure you can decide for yourself by now.
It’s also a good practice to get familiar with the bag on Mouobuy.com to compare it with what you find in the retail store.
I hope you enjoy your bag as much as I’m enjoying mine. I’ll be waiting to hear from you when you get your bag.

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