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A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying Reliable Fake Bags Online

Finding a reliable fake bags online store is always not easy, since you’ll find so many bag stores claiming that they sell the best fake bags at the lowest prices. Moreover, finding a reliable store is only the start of your online shopping trip. After this, price, shipping cost, return policy and many other factors should be considered to guarantee an easy and enjoyable shopping.

Anyway, don’t worry! Here is the most comprehensive guide to buying fake bags online, step by step. Take only 4 minutes to read this guide before you buy.

Step1. Make sure the grade of fake bags you want

Did you know there are different grades of fake bags? Ranging from 1:1, AAA, A+, A, to B, fake bags online can satisfy all your needs. The different grades are determined by different materials used, manufacture craft, thus making different prices. So never expect to pay $20 for a replica bag that looks almost identical to the real one.

1:1 Fake Designer Bags

It is the highest level of fake luxury bags, they are delicately made: the materials they chose closely resemble the raw materials and are even from the original factories. The hardware is glossy and wearable, the fur and leather are also real to improve the quality. 

All patterns, designs and sizes look as if they are original under hand made. Besides, you will get an extremely precise and exquisite packaging, just like you buy a real one. Even an expert in replica handbags can hardly tell them apart. Fake bags of this grade are not mass-produced, thus the price is comparatively high, normally around $300 to $400. For this kind of bags/handbags, welcome to Mouoshop.

AAA Fake Designer Bags

Unlike 1:1 replica bags which are usually made of oxidized genuine calfskin leather, AAA bags are normally made of common canvas with PU leather. Though this grade of bags look good overall, you will find that AAA bags are slightly inferior to the 1:1 bags in LOGO, hardware, stitching and other details. As for this kind of bags, $250 to $350 is an acceptable price.

A+/AA Fake Designer Bags

Grade A+ is equal to Grade AA. It is of the quality better than average. For this kind of bag, don’t expect a fancy package. Fabrics, hardware, accessories used are of common quality with relatively precise stitching. You can just spend $150 to $200 getting such a replica bag.

A Fake Designer Bags

These bags are of medium quality, just a little better than a grade B bag. They are softer than B bags and they can often be found in a small bag shop. Just pay $100 to $200 and you can get them.

B Fake bags

This is the lowest level of the fake bag. You can easily tell it is a counterfeit because the only thing similar to the original bag is probably the logo or the pattern. You can mostly find them on street markets at a price of $10 to $100.

Step2. Find a store who has the fake bag you want 

Since there are so many fake bags stores online, how can you find a bag store who sells the bag you want? If you have already targeted a bag store, it could be quite easy, just look through their product catalog or type the keywords in the search box. 

If not, try to search the following core keywords in the search box on google: Replica bags, Fake bags, AAA bags, Counterfeit bags, Imitation bags, knockoff bags. And match them with the bag brand, such as replica ysl bags, fake lv bags, AAA gucci handbags, etc.

Step3. Check the information of the store

This is a quite important step to increase the possibility of successful shopping. Before you place an order, pay attention to these key information often shown on the Home page, About us and Contact us page: What grade is this bag? What’s their return policy? How about their delivery options and delivery time? Do they have after-sales service? Do they have real contact information?

You can never ignore the return policy. Most stores don’t support the returns without reason, they are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. 

Step4. Place your order and wait for logistics

At this stage, you just need to pay attention to the logistics information, and if you’re buying bags from abroad, check to see if it needs customs clearance.

Step5. Check the quality of the bag after receiving

Don’t be in a hurry to open the bag package after you open the express parcel. Check the box for any damage, and if so, take a photo to preserve the evidence as the box is damaged and the bag inside is likely to be wrinkled.

Step6. Ask for after-sales service if necessary

Sometimes you can’t avoid being an unlucky guy to receive a bad product. The seller sent you a bag with a quality problem. But don’t be discouraged, contact the store’s after-sales service and ask for a refund or a new bag. Never force yourself to bear this kind of loss.

Now you must have clearly understood the process of buying fake bags online. Mouo hopes all of you can have a nice shopping trip and own a good replica luxury bag.

Mouoshop welcomes you all the time and offers you all kinds of fake designer bags. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletters! We will update posts regularly to share more bag secrets and fashion with you!


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